Emily Hope is a smiley singer/songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player born and raised in IL but currently based in Nashville, TN. She believes wholeheartedly in music's power to inspire, encourage, and enact change. Above all, she values music with a message and strives to write songs that people can relate to.


She is a lover of musical freedom and expression, and you'll quickly notice that in her wide range of musical styles. From cheerful and folksy ukulele and catchy country on an acoustic guitar to intense and thought-provoking cinematic pop - you'll never know what she'll come up with next.     

Emily released a self-titled EP in August of 2017 including five original songs. Since then, she has also released seven singles, Father's Song, Lovely Thoughts, Can't, Better, Got It From My Mama, Anyway, & Rearview.

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Growing up as a shy and insecure pre-teen, Emily secretly used music and songwriting as a way of expressing herself. She serenaded her bedroom walls, unbeknownst to all her family and friends before realizing God’s call on her life. After taking a step of faith and performing Taylor Swift's, "Stay Beautiful" in her 8th-grade talent show, Emily knew singing was her purpose.


During high school, she began participating in choirs, other talent contests, and eventually (after picking up ukulele and guitar her senior year of college) started playing her original songs as well as covers from a variety of genres at coffee shops, restaurants, bars, community events and music festivals across the United States. 

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Emily has experienced an array of musical opportunities, opening for artists such as country artist, Eric PaslayChristian rock band, Stars Go Dim, Christian duo, Love & The Outcome, and singer-songwriter/mandolin prodigy, Sierra Hull.