The Top 3 Solo Artists I'm Listening to in 2018

Happy New Year everybody! It's crazy how fast 2017 flew by, but I'm grateful for another year to enjoy life! I say a new year calls for some new music not only from me, but from other talented artists out there. A lot of people ask me what kind of music I listen to, so I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peek into what I'm jamming to on a regular basis. My music taste spans across a variety of genres; I love to jump around and appreciate different styles. I was actually in a music store the other day talking with some other customers. One guy asked what kind of music I play and I told him I didn't really know. He then proceeded to say, "Oh, I definitely pegged you as heavy metal." To his surprise, I smiled and said that I can certainly get down to some Bullet For My Valentine every once in a while. Ha! Didn't see that coming did you?

That being said, these three artists I'm about to fan-girl over are only a few of the many I listen to throughout my days. Although I will never lose my appreciation for their music and talent, this list will probably change tomorrow. But while I'm on this particular music kick, I'll go ahead and give them a shoutout:

1. Ruth B

First up, we've got little Ms. Ruth B made famous by the app, Vine. I absolutely adore her voice and smooth piano playing. She's got a peaceful pop sound that can lull you to sleep but lyrics that can make you think (and laugh sometimes). You probably would instantly recognize her most famous song, "Lost Boy" (released in 2016) but my personal favorites by her are "Dandelions" and "Superficial Love."

2. Chris Stapleton

Next, there's country artist Chris Stapleton. I've been listening to country a lot lately, and this guy is part of the reason! I promise you his runs will make your jaw drop. He's most famous for his rendition of, "Tennessee Whiskey," but my favorites by him are his cover of "Amanda" by Don Williams featuring his wife Morgane (awwwwwww) and his song, "Either Way."

3. Calum Scott

Finally, there's Mr. Calum Scott. He started his career after being a contestant on Britain's Got Talent with a style mixture of soul, soft rock and pop. His vocals are probably my favorite out of all the male singers I've heard so far. My favorite song by him is a sweet love song called "You Are The Reason."

Go check out these awesome artists and stay tuned for covers from me. I'll definitely be covering some of their songs very soon!

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