2 New Songs Coming Soon!

Throughout this adjustment period - living on my own, having a full-time job and trying to balance gigs along with all the craziness that comes with adult life, I've neglected sharing new music. Now that I've gotten the swing of things, I'm ready to start belting it out! I've been writing a lot lately - refreshing older songs, creating new ones, etc.

Here are the next songs up for studio recording:

1. "Notice"

This is a cutesy ukulele jam I wrote a few months ago. It's all about how you wonder if that special person you're crushing on even notices you. (I think we've all been there!) Maybe it'll make you dance around...Maybe it'll make you smile. Or, I don't know...Maybe it'll make you bold, and you'll end up confronting the person you're wondering about? I guess we'll see!

2. "Little Birds"

Alright, there's no denying it...this one's a happy/sad tear-jerker played on acoustic guitar. I highly suggest having some tissues handy, Many tears have been shed during the making of this song. It's a special heartfelt song dedicated to my parents and the process of growing up. In it, I thank my parents for all they've done, recall childhood memories, and comment on the good and bad of the parent-child separation.

As you may know, I released an EP of 5 original songs back in August 2017. That was just a preview of a much larger project I envision. I've got a list of songs lined up, and I'm ready to dive in! This year, I'll be adding at least 5 more tracks to this EP to make a complete album.

I plan on starting the recording process in February.

Stay tuned, my friends.

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